Irish Product range

Mowi Ireland have two main brands, Donegal Silver which was first launched in 1986, and since that time has become regarded as a sign of consistent quality from a trusted source. "The Irish Organic Salmon Co" was developed to ensure the message behind our organic products was clearly communicated to our end customers.
We produce a number of products for several global markets. The company sells fertilised ova to other farms around the world. We sell fry and smolts to other farmers in Ireland and Scotland and produces organic and premium salmon under the names 'The Irish Organic Salmon Co' and 'Donegal Silver'. Mowi Ireland manages its own breeding programme with a fully enclosed herd. Our ova is distributed to our organically certified freshwater sites in Kindrum, Altan and Pettigo in Co. Donegal for smolt production. All of our seawater sites are supplied with smolt from these freshwater sites. After transfer to sea, the salmon are grown for a further 18 to 20 months prior to transfer to our harvest stations.  All organic and premium salmon is processed at our BRC accredited processing plant in Rinmore, Co. Donegal from where they are distributed in refrigerated trucks to customers in Ireland, Europe and North America. At our BRC approved processing facility, we offer a range of product solutions, targeted at the needs of our customers and today's ever changing consumers. All products can be supplied fresh or frozen. This includes whole gutted salmon, fillet, fresh and frozen retail products.

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