Origin Green is a world leading national sustainability programme for the entire Irish food and drink industry. It is the only sustainability programme in the world that operates on a national scale, uniting government, the private sector and food producers through Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board.

Independently verified, it enables Ireland’s farmers and producers to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets – reducing environmental impact, serving local communities more effectively and protecting the extraordinarily rich natural resources that our country enjoys.

Mowi Ireland is a verified member of the Origin Green programme and has committed to the following targets;

  • Reduce natural gas consumption per ton of fish processed by minimum 44% less than actual use in 2013.
  • Reduce freshwater (groundwater) consumption per ton of fish processed by 10% from 2011 baseline figures.
  • All Marine production sites will obtain Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification by 2018. The ASC standard has guidelines for the conservation of natural habitat, local biodiversity and ecosystem function, the protection of the health and genetic integrity of wild populations, responsible use of resources, disease management, social responsibility, and community and stakeholder engagement are included to ensure compliance by aquaculture companies worldwide.
  • Develop an employee wellbeing initiative with 60% of workforce to register and participate by 2018.


Social responsibility

Mowi Ireland's community-based CSR policy aims to create shared value, whereby the organisation’s corporate success can benefit society and the community in which it operates, and both create and support a sustainable business future.  The core grouping for Mowi's CSR activities is the local (coastal) community in all its guises – community organisations; councils; business and local development groups; harbour users associations; sporting clubs, tourist groups; schools and youth clubs.

Employee safety and self-respect and pride are hugely important to the success of Mowi Ireland and, in 2012, the company started implementation of a global safety programme called BrainSafe training, which assists staff to understand how the brain works and its link to safe results and the management of the hazards in the work and home environment.

What we’re doing better

When considering the life cycle assessment of salmon farming, feed remains the largest contributor to environmental footprint. Sourcing sustainable feed ingredients is therefore a top priority to Mowi Ireland. The company has established KPI's for fish meal used in feed for its fish.  This includes a requirement for fish meal sources to only come from well managed and science-based regulated fisheries administrated by national authorities. In addition, fishmeal in organic diets only comes from trimmings and waste of fish already caught for direct human consumption.

For more information on the Origin Green programme go to www.origingreen.ie