SHARE YOUR VIEWS - Marine Harvest Ireland launch the Global Employee Survey 2016.

Marine Harvest Ireland launch the Global Employee Survey 2016.

The 2016 Global employee survey which comprises of 50 questions opens on May23rd until June 13th 2016.

The main reasons for the survey are:

  • Map current state of employee engagement / enablement / effectiveness / working environment.
  • Map success of Vision and Values implementation.
  • Analyze results and identify areas of strength and opportunity.
  • Compare with 2014 survey results.
  • Prioritize areas and take action.

A report on each region (country) will be produced and a representative from the Hay group will visit each country’s head office and meet with the senior team to discuss the report.

For employees who do not have an email address a unique ID number will be issued against their name, allowing them to log on and complete the survey .The Company will facilitate access to computers/laptops/Kiosk’s (internet).

Launching the survey, Jan Feenstra (MD) encouraged all employees to take part in the survey and he highlighted that everyone should use this opportunity to share their views.  Jan went on to say that the employee survey is “an important and effective tool” and he would ensure that measures are in place to facilitate and enable all employees to complete the survey. 

The results of the survey will be communicated to all employees in August/ September 2016. Additionally, the senior management team will review the results and assess areas of the business where improvements can be achieved.